Vietnamese cinnamon: Interesting facts

Being the largest cinnamon exporter in the year 2019 is the best evidence for the quality of cinnamon products in Vietnam.


Vietnamese cinnamon: A quick view


Cinnamon evergreens have been cultivated in Vietnam for years. The typical type of cinnamon thriving in the nation is Cassia cinnamon, which is also the most common variety in the market at this time. 




Vietnamese cinnamon varieties


In VIetnam, there are 7 typical types of cinnamon products :

  • Tube cinnamon: It is the raw material of almost every single cinnamon product in the market. Besides, this cinnamon is also the leading type of cinnamon, which is used for the purpose of exporting thanks to its flexible production purpose.
  • Stick cinnamon: This beautiful-shaped cinnamon is popular in many markets due to its relatively high value of essential oil, from 2% to 4% along with a small shape. 
  • Cigarette cinnamon: Having the same curled rate as stick cinnamon but much shorter in length, the cigarette type is mostly enjoyed in the kitchen due to its small shape, which is convenient for preservation purposes. 
  • Split cinnamon: It is the most widely-used type of cinnamon in the Middle East and India due to its relatively low price.
  • Broken cinnamon: Produced from the bark or branches of cinnamon trees during harvesting time, broken cinnamon’s prices fluctuate depending on the place it is collected.
  • Cinnamon powder: This is an instant product that is mostly used for culinary purposes. There are several popular types of food and beverages made from cinnamon powder, which are cinnamon rolls or cinnamon tea.
  • Cinnamon oil: With 75-90% essential oil loaded, cinnamon oil is mostly used to be used in the treatment of inflammation improving heart health, etc.


Main distributions


Yen Bai province, a mountainous area in Vietnam is the hotspot of cinnamon cultivation and manufacturing in Vietnam. With 76,000 ha of cinnamon trees, each year, it plays an important role in providing domestic and international demand for cinnamon products.


Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers


The top list below will be helpful for traders who are still confused about finding reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers.


Regarded as a giant in the cinnamon exporting in Vietnam, VINASAMEX has, for years, left a strong and pleasant impression on purchasers by their product quality and professional working way.


The next one is K-Agriculture, a company that obtains very long experience in trading cinnamon products internationally. The quality and customer service of the company have never disappointed customers.

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Que Viet company

Based in Yen Bai province, Que Viet is able to ensure both the quality and quantity of its cinnamon products.