Organic rice – Is it worth consuming?

People are becoming more health-conscious, so whatever is clean or organic is more well-liked by customers. Organic rice is popular these days thanks to its health benefits and unique tastes.


  • Brief introduction about organic rice


With specialized standard care and cultivation process, organic rice is being consumed more and more.

  • Organic rice is rice varieties grown by using natural scientific processes, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Instead, organic rice is taken care of with organic microbial fertilizers according to the up-to-date modern process.

Organic rice

  • The soil used to grow organic rice must also be carefully selected, must be a clean land, no chemical residues, no pollution, no influence of industrial waste, or other sources of pollution.
  • Organic rice is usually milky white because of the bran layer outside, the organic rice grain is not too large. In particular, organic rice is rich in nutritional value, fiber and vitamins, which is not only safe but also brings many health benefits.

Organic rice


  • Reasons for choosing organic rice


As a food used daily with a large frequency, processed into many different types of food, choosing a safe source of rice such as organic rice plays a vital role in human health.

  • Organic rice brings better nutritional value

This is an important factor for consumers to prioritize organic rice thanks to its nutritional value. Organic rice is rich in vitamin B1 and many trace elements, contributing to increasing the body’s resistance.

  • Nutrition in organic rice is easy to absorb

That is why organic rice is always rich in nutrients, ensuring consumers’ health. Organic rice does not contain harmful substances, so the body can easily digest all the nutrients in organic rice.

  • Good for people with diabetes and heart diseases

In scientific studies to clarify what organic rice is, the findings are that the ingredients in rice are especially good for people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes. In addition, rice also has a higher content of fiber and antioxidants, minerals than conventional rice, which are absolute supports for the immune system.


  • Distinguish organic rice from conventional rice


Customers usually care about the specification of rice, which leads to the wrong decision to buy organic rice. Therefore, you can follow below steps:

  • A small tip to distinguish organic rice from conventional rice, according to folklore, is the brokenness and wholeness of the rice grain. Organic rice is grown by purebred varieties so the grain is not too thin and long, and does not fall apart when milled. If the rice is broken much, it is because harvested rice is immature, when milling, the grain is broken. Immature rice is easy to mold and has no aroma, so it is difficult to store for a long time.
  • When buying rice, read carefully the information on the product packaging, if they are certified organic standards such as USDA, EU, that is authentic organic rice.
  • Another way is checking the barcodes to trace the origin of the product or asking the seller for information about the organic rice producer.


  • Where to buy organic rice?


To choose real organic rice, consumers should choose reliable suppliers or distributors that have fixed prices or reputations.

  • In supermarkets

Supermarkets are a trustworthy place for customers to choose the most suitable brand of organic rice. To be displayed in supermarkets, products are checked and carefully selected, so here is a reliable place of purchasing for customers.

  • Through the internet

Selling online is popular nowadays, so customers just need to search on google or groups on Facebook, e-commerce platforms to buy organic rice at a reasonable price that could satisfy your needs.

  • Through big distributors

More and more rice distributors are established because rice demand is enormous. Organic rice is in the product list of many distributors that customers should contact directly to get a free consultation.



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