5S hair factory: High quality hair extension products at a very affordable price

Surely customers are used to thinking that high product quality is accompanied by expensive prices, but in the 5S hair factory there are products that are not about quality but also about price that also satisfy consumers.


5S hair factory

5S hair factory: High quality hair extensions at a very affordable price.

Here are a few reasons why 5S hair factory is able to bring to the market such surprising products.

The supplies of 5S hair factory

Supply can be said to play a very important role in determining the price of a product:

  • The main supply of 5S hair factory nowadays is high quality raw Vietnamese hair. With strength and shine thanks to the effect of natural herbs, Vietnamese hair is very suitable to make high quality hair extensions products to sell to the world market.
  • With ecstatic black hair color, 5S hair factory’s hair products are loved because not all countries have such products. And because 5S hair factory has a high quality supply, it doesn’t have to import any raw hair materials nor any taxes because all these materials are available in Vietnam. That is the main reason why 5S hair factory’s Vietnamese hair extensions products meet international standards but the prices are surprisingly reasonable.
  • All these advantages have helped 5S hair factory reduce a lot of time to produce this high quality hair extension product. Since then, the cost to pay for the production line is also greatly reduced and the labor cost in Vietnam is still relatively cheaper than in many countries around the world, so the production is also easier.

Quality classification of hair extension products of 5S hair factory

In order to easily control the quality and price of the product, 5S hair factory’s hair extensions are divided into several categories. That’s why 5S Hair is leading wholesale hair market in LA.


Quality of 5S hair factory’s hair extension

  • In terms of quality, 5S hair factory has 2 main quality types of raw hair: virgin hair and remy hair. For virgin hair, this is the highest quality raw hair in Vietnam also compared to Chinese and Cambodian hair. Virgin hair is selected from a single person with qualified hair, then purchased and processed to be able to produce many products from this material. The price of hair extensions made from virgin hair is also higher than that of other materials, but at the 5S hair factory the price of such products is still much cheaper than in other countries around the world.
  • The second type is remy hair. For this material, its quality is not too much less than virgin hair, but because it is purchased from many different hairs, it is not the same as virgin hair, so its price is significantly reduced. With such material, 5S hair factory can comfortably handle and make many different products from which high-quality products at reasonable prices are born. With remy hair, many customers feel more satisfied than virgin hair because of its price and use.
  • Although all raw materials are different, in terms of quality, 5S hair factory always ensures that each hair extension product will give the user the same feeling as the real hair. With the advantages available in Vietnam, 5S hair factory is constantly researching and developing more and better products and giving more incentives to customers so that customers can have the best hair extensions.

Enthusiastic and professional workers of 5S hair factory

The workforce is an important factor in the success of each market. and professional industrious workers at 5S hair factory have contributed to turning high-quality raw materials into top products for export to the international market.


Professional workers of 5S hair factory

Workers work hard during their hours and they even work overtime to get the job done. Experienced people at 5S hair factory will lead them to become experienced and enthusiastic workers. Along with their productivity, the cost of 5S hair factory’s hair extensions has also been greatly reduced. That is success in every market no matter what field.

Customer trust for 5S hair factory

Customers are the final factor to create the success of the 5S hair factory until today. To build trust with customers is not an easy thing that any market can do.
Going through many difficult periods has helped the 5S hair factory better understand the domestic and international hair extensions market as well as understand more about its customers, who come from all over the world. Therefore, not only attracting customers with high-quality products, the 5S hair factory also always gives its customers great incentives on every holiday. This is also the time when the prices of hair extensions products at the 5S hair factory are discounted along with many great deals waiting for customers to choose.

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